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Storage Architect

From interval load data to return on investment in minutes.

Storage Architect makes it easy to determine if installing energy storage at your site makes financial sense. Upload your site’s load information, configure your system costs, and know right away what you can expect to save each month, how long it will take to pay off your investment, view net present value, and more.

Energy storage first.

Other analysis software offerings tack on storage economics as an afterthought. Storage Architect was designed with energy storage systems in mind from its inception.

Solar + Storage.

Just because we’re focused on energy storage at Pason Power, doesn’t mean we’ve ignored the solar generation revolution. With Storage Architect, you can analyze the financial impact of a solar installation paired with your storage system to quickly determine what the right answer is for your site.

Multiple configurations. One easy process.

What size of power conversion system will deliver the highest return for your site? Would doubling the system's capacity capture enough value? What about tripling it? Should you add solar generation? Analyze multiple system configurations simultaneously and zero-in on the perfect specifications for your application.

storage architect 1

storage architect 2

Storage Architect software interface.

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