Monitor your systems, anytime, anywhere.

Energy DataHub

Save time with remote monitoring.

Using the Energy DataHub, you can view the state of your system from anywhere. By having access to a variety of real-time system instrumentation, you can travel to sites only when you actually need to.

Analyze performance.

Determine how your energy storage system is performing, quickly and easily. Did your batteries fully discharge during a recent heatwave? Has the load profile of one of your sites changed? Get the answers you need, when you need them.

All of your sites. One tool.

By giving you a single location to oversee each of your sites, the Energy DataHub enables you to look after all of your storage systems. Compare site performance or conduct spot inspections. Be confident that even as the scale of your fleet grows, you can stay on top of all the details.

energy datahub view

Energy DataHub software interface

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