Maximize the value of your energy storage assets.

Intelligent Energy Management System (EMS)

Cutting-edge software on rugged industrial hardware.

The Pason Power Intelligent Energy Management System (EMS) software operates on our specially selected industrial computers and makes adding intelligence to your energy storage system simple and reliable.

Innovative machine learning put to work for you.

Our Intelligent EMS constantly analyzes real-time data signals and combines them with historical learnings to optimize the value streams captured by your storage application. Internet of Things (IoT) sensor aggregation, detailed weather metrics, energy market rate changes, and more, are all factored into making the best decisions at the right times.

Technology that gives you the flexibility to choose.

Our platform was built from the ground up to ensure it works with a variety of component manufacturer standards. Whatever the type, or the scale, of your assets, our system can integrate with your infrastructure while still delivering the reliability you demand.

EMS Configurations

Intelligent EMS Configurations

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